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2021 Craft Show season:

If and when Kristin's Kandles enters any shows this year, I will post it here. As of now, I am not doing any shows,
so I'm very excited to have the shop as this will be a great opportunity for you to stop by at your convenience!

Some points and facts for our local customers:


You may place your candle order in many ways;
Send an E-mail , phone (816)510-2007 or website.
If you are unsure of what a scent smells like, you can message me to stop by and smell any candle fragrance that might interest you at the shop.

Local Shopping:

Local customers in Springfield, MO - Stop by the shop at 3154 S. Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807!


Your school, sports team, church group or any other group that needs to raise money is encouraged to consider using Kristin's Kandles.
They are locally known for quality and again, there are no shipping fees involved and no middle man costs. Each fund raiser sale can be customized with your group name, colors and logos. This is a great and easy way to raise those needed funds!

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